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Who we are

Perspectivas International Personal Consultants was founded in 2011 to recruit engineers, IT specialists and specialists with a technical background to Germany. As an external Human Resources and management consultant service, we have known for many years the need which medium sized companies have to find suitable specialists. Making a virtue out of necessity: we saw big potential in the international recruiting of foreign specialists into Germany. 




For Perspectivas it makes sense for everyone to work together, to take on challenges, to grow personally from tasks and to provide a positive contribution to society. Our contribution is to gain foreign specialists for our local area: it is our aim to find employees with you who fit best to your company. Therefore no effort is too much for us and no road unpassable. We are gladly a part of the: ‘Wir koennen alles, ausser Hochdeutsch’ [we can do everything, except speak High German] ethic.



Building bridges. Between generations of employees. Between local businesses and international specialists. Between recruiting 1.0 and 2.0 for ‘industry 4.0’. Between changing values, new techniques and skills. Between changing job descriptions. Between uncertainties and chances. Between the today and the tomorrow.

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Our experience on the European job market has shown that knowledge, broad horizons and a cultural background, which foreign specialists bring, enormously enhance the competence portfolio of a business. International teams allow companies to realise unimagined synergies. Perspectivas stands for pioneering work in the world of international recruiting. At the same time we create, with other institutions, the structures for applicant management both domestically and abroad, as well as targeted location marketing.

We have erected the following four pillars as the guiding principles of Perspectivas:

Know exactly what you want.

Clarity is an asset.

Do it.

To the wise the gap between decision and action is small.

See what works and what does not.

Routine dulls the mind.

Adapt your approach.

And – try it again.

Perspectivas stands for the honest, transparent and loyal international recruiting of foreign specialists for the good of all parties involved. For our customers and our applicants. And for us.

Perspectivas - International Recruiting

Lindenbadstraße 16
72622 Nürtingen
Tel:: +49 7022 7188965

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