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How we work


Become a member of our talent network!

Would you like to learn about your options as a specialist on the German job market, without any commitment? Or apply for a specific position? Take the first step and register at Perspectivas – via telephone, email or using our contact form. Maybe we have already found you – through the recommendations from our applicant network we are becoming increasing aware of promising candidates.
Collaborating with our candidates is always respectful, unobtrusive and, above all, discreet. If the timing is not quite right, you decide how to proceed. As a member of our talent network we often offer support to our candidates for months or even years until both the right time and the right job opportunity arise simultaneously.


Team up

What are your chances like on the German job market?

We will evaluate carefully and inform you comprehensively and honestly about our assessment of your employment possibilities with Perspectivas. For this reason, our assessment focuses on expectation, motivation for change and competence.
Under the right circumstances, we will collaborate with you, developing a strategy and achieving your targets. At no time do contractible or financial obligations for candidates arise towards Perspectivas.



Personal Branding

What can you offer to your new employer?

Now begins an intensive stage in our collaboration – we develop your ‘personal branding’ and tailor it individually to the requirements of the businesses on the German market.
To do this we use different HR tools: skill tests, video presentations and an application questionnaire. At the end we produce an applicant’s report, in which we envision your potential employers.



Explore & Decide

And now you convince in the interview stage!

The interview stage begins. We prepare you thoroughly for the international context and accompany you to interviews. You receive sufficient opportunity to get to know your employer, the job, the working environment and the location, allowing you to form your own opinions. 
This stage can go very quickly and lead to finding work after just two interviews, or it can be a longer process – it is different for everyone. Non-withstanding you have our full trust and we will go all the way with you.

See ‘candidate’s application guide’ in our media library



Please note:

Take care when it comes to intercultural communication. Often people use the same terms, expecting a consensus of meaning, but every side has their own internal definition for the same term. How good is good? How much is much? How much success before you are successful? These definitions are culturally coined and can differ from one to the other.
Values, communication patterns, body language effects etc. can also differ. In the British working environment selling yourself is a must, on the German market authenticity and a good self-perception count for more. 
We have lots of experience in the field of intercultural competence and can help you to master your first steps in a foreign sovereign state.


You have the job – congratulations!

When it comes to the pending contractual negotiations we have your back with our HR expertise on your side. We mediate neutrally, until both sides have achieved a working agreement and there is a consensus about the content of the agreement.


Relocate & Integrate

Welcome to your new homeland!

We like to enable you the best possible start in your new field and support you with an all-inclusive relocation service. House hunting, bureaucratic procedures, translations – whatever you need.
Also we will gladly put you into contact with other recruited candidates, who have already walked the same path before you. 


Perspectivas - International Recruiting

Lindenbadstraße 16
72622 Nürtingen
Tel:: +49 7022 7188965

We look forward to hearing from you!